Preservation News (2019)


Welcome to the first update of 2019! We will be attempting to add more regular site updates this year (yes we know we have said that before!)

Recent weekends have seen the team assisting with relaying and reconnecting the track into the diesel shed. This will allow access to Number 1 road by larger locomotives (previously only accessible by Class 20s) and will give greater flexibility all round when allocating undercover stabling.

While most of our working members have been occupied with track work there has also been work done on sprucing up one of 401's cab interiors (some pictures on our gallery page). Since the previous update on the roof work, and fitted in between running days 401 also saw the replacement of a faulty fan motor, overhaul of the radiator shutters and the removal of a compressor motor.

417 has seen some further general tidying up, however it is now sadly around seven years since any major task was completed on it and the project has unfortunately run out of  momentum as a result of financial constraints and lack of volunteer time, plus the need to prioritise keeping 401 in traffic to pay our annual MRB storage charge.

Spares donor 761 has had some unwanted internal components sold off which has brought in some much needed cash, and a recent appeal to the Project's membership also increased our monthly income, so a big thank you to all who supported that appeal.
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